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Online support communities


Pro: Totally Australian focus. Careful moderation and content creation by PCFA. A wide range of support materials including a blog and videos.

Con: Limited forum type activity. New topics and replies are not sent out automatically, unless you have chosen to contribute to, or follow, that topic on the website. So, very little email. No private messaging. Your own posts don't show on Google


Pro: Totally Australian focus. Careful moderation and content creation by PCFA. Facebook familiar to many.

Con: Newly formed so smaller membership at first

Pro: The only choice that is exclusively for advanced prostate cancer. Very strong forum type activity. Strong content control by Malecare moderators. Daily email summary of posts. Post something useful, people doing a Google search will find it. A number of 'champions' who are very well informed and very active.

Con: USA focus, (but a number of Australian members already).


Pro: Australian focus. Facebook familiar to many.

Con: Content control more difficult

Pro: Use phone to Australian number or computer to discuss issues.

Con: No written exchange. USA focus.


Talk to a man on these communities

There will be no easy link to talk to Jim, or a member he includes in the call, any more.

But, getting to talk to anyone else in whichever group you join is very similar to what you did on our forums:

  • Click on the person's name.

  • Choose to send a private message asking if they are happy for you to phone them. (Include your own phone number and brief reasons you wish a chat.) 

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