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JimJimJimJim's treatment summary

In 2009 I was diagnosed with a large aggressive prostate cancer. It filled the right side of my prostate, where all the samples were Gleason nine. It also spilled into the left side of my prostate, with one Gleason seven. It also grew through the wall of my prostate in two places, one of them being around the seminal vesicles.

I was treated with radiation - High dose rate brachytherapy followed by 35 IMRT (RapidARC) sessions. This is sometimes called Brachy boost. (Qld not PeterMac)

Three years of hormone therapy after the end of radiation, kept the beast in check for six years.

When it recurred after the sixth year, I started taking continuous hormone therapy, and my PSA is still undetectable - 12 years after diagnosis.

As with most men, I had no adverse effects from either type of radiation.

The hormone therapy can make you tired, but, opposite to what you would expect, exercise improves that.

Here is a summary of my treatment (very patchy because it has been updated over the years):

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