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Talk to a man in the group about joining the 

Advanced Prostate Cancer monthly meeting (Zoom).

(Don't wish Zoom video? Join as an ordinary phone caller.)

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Advanced prostate cancer only

Prostate cancer that is known to be out of the prostate, or thought to be outside the prostate, or that has come back after the first treatment (of surgery or radiation).

These men are going about their ordinary lives

You may have to leave a message.

Not advanced?

Talk to a man who has had the treatment you are having, or  the the treatment you are about to start, or a treatment you are thinking of choosing. Click here: matesConnect

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) support groups

Spread across the country are local support groups with members who are happy to talk to any man with prostate cancer, not just advanced men. (Phone number on Home page above.)

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