Advanced prostate cancer videos


My YouTube videos have been an attempt to help men and those who care  for them understand their disease, their treatment, and the journey of others.

I especially focus on advanced prostate cancer.



The Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group has come to an end, and I personally am no longer able to provide support to individuals.

But I do provide a list and assessment of some useful alternatives.


I am a man diagnosed with a large, aggressive, locally advanced prostate cancer eleven years ago.

It has since recurred but has responded to treatment (PSA undetectable as of 27 June 2020.)

I founded, and led, the Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group for more than ten years.

There is nothing more rewarding than being part of a group of people determined to help others, and I have had the opportunity to be a small part in the lives of some wonderful people.

But with the group closing, the time has come for me to 'draw in my horns'. I will still do the occasional video, perhaps, and take part in some prostate cancer activities,  but I am looking forward to 'life in the slow lane' for a while.

CONTACT Jim, Nev, other old mates

Friends only

We have made many friends in this 'trade' over the years.

This is just for them to let us know  how they are going, and perhaps to let us know if they would like to meet up for a cup of coffee if we are in their part of the world.

We can no longer offer support to new people, so please don't ask us a prostate cancer question.

Click on the Support button above instead.